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To certify the veracity, reliability and accuracy of online news sources, news organizations, and reporters on a world-wide level.

Identifact was founded by a group of concerned citizens who saw the need to end the global “fake news” epidemic. While existing fact-checking websites and widgets have been a valuable resource for informed readers who crave verification of news stories, Identifact founders felt that these tools should go further. Identifact was born with the goal of extending fact-checking to readers who might not otherwise realize its importance. We will achieve this goal by uniting fact-checking organizations with internet content providers to increase awareness for the importance of fair and non-partisan journalism.

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Larry Piegza

President, Owner

As a serial entrepreneur, 15 years ago Larry started GAP Technologies Inc, a software development company. An M.B.A. from the University at Buffalo, NY, Larry enjoys all forms of sport and exercise. He is a proud father of two and loves spending time with his children and wife. He tries to travel as much as he can and his personal goal is to bring out the best in everyone he meets. The sole owner of Identifact, LLC, Larry has agreed to release his tax returns to Poynter and Identifact’s advisory board because he believes in complete transparency. He does not believe that anyone will fully trust any identification of fake news unless they can validate every step of the process.


Keith Tarbell

Chief Information Officer

Keith has wide-ranging tech experience culled from his work in education, commercial and military industries. He is an Engineering graduate of the University of Buffalo


Jan Sandberg

Public Relations

Jan possesses a B.A. from Brandeis University. She was a regular contributing writer and movie reviewer for The Boston Globe, The Buffalo News, and Time-Warner Cable's access channel. She has also worked for several non-profit organizations and has owned a professional pet-sitting business for five years.


Grant Maye

Web Developer

Before joining Identifact, Grant served as Assistant Vice President of Operations for a BPO corporation and as a web developer for a market research firm. He has a strong passion for community service. His hobbies include teaching computer science enrichment courses to children and volunteering at local community action centers.


Amy Nizialek

Graphic Designer

Amy is a graduate of Canisius College, earning a degree in Digital Media Arts and a minor in Computer Science. She enjoys continuing to learn and work more in various fields of technology and design. She is enthusiastic to be a part of Identifact and its mission.

Our Fact Checkers

Learn more about how we use OpenSources here.

OpenSources is a curated resource for assessing online information sources, available for public use. Websites in this resource range from credible news sources to misleading and outright fake websites. Headed by Melissa Zimdars of Merrimack College, our research team is dedicated to preserving the integrity and enhancing the transparency of information on the internet.

Our mission is to empower people to find reliable information online.

Learn more about rbutr here.

The Rbutr plug-in is not exactly a fact-checking application, but it is an excellent addition to Identifact. Rbutr measures how much people disagree with something posted on the web, but not necessarily if the person who is disagreeing makes any sense. This is useful because any discussion about “What is fact?” or “What is the truth?” inevitably leads to the discussion, “Who’s truth?” and “Facts change." For instance, it used to be a "fact" that the world was flat. Rbutr solves this problem because it allows people to record their refutations of a particular thought without judging them.

Join Our Mission

We are actively looking for fact checking organizations to join our team. We offer an advisory board seat and tools to help you solve our joint missions more effectively.

We are actively looking for internet widgets, fact checkers and plug-ins that support fact checking efforts to join our cause.

Our Partners

How They Contribute

Gap Technologies, Inc. is developer and host to the SmartEvals.com product. Short for “Geniuses at Play,” Gap takes pride in its fun workplace and serious innovators. Every day, Gap builds new analytics technologies to help colleges and universities graduate more students, and improve learning experiences, and better interpret student feedback. Gap is a successful worldwide company with over 25 employees and 250 clients.
As the dangers of fake news became more and more obvious, three of Gap’s staff members began a discussion of the nuances of what is “fact” and what is “fake”. They came up with the idea that finding truth should be a collaborative solution instead of trusting just one organization—and Identifact was born. After all, they argued, at one point it was clearly fact that the world was flat.
Gap Technologies supports Identifact by donating equipment and source code to help with the effort.

Endorsement Only

TrustworthiNEWS.org is an internet watchdog that strives to end the alarming proliferation of fake news on the internet. TrustworthiNEWS was founded in the wake of the 2016 U.S. presidential election, and has since sought to find and support the development of technologies aimed at fighting fake news. TrustworthiNEWS endorses the Identifact concept, stating that “Identifact is the best solution we have seen for combating the impacts of fake news. “Fake news is undoubtedly a widespread problem that is not going away on its own. The Internet and the proliferation of personal, web-enabled devices have helped create a “perfect storm” of conditions that exacerbate the fake news phenomenon. Since our organization formed after the 2016 U.S. presidential election, we have been searching for and encouraging the development of technologies aimed at fighting fake news. Although still in development, Identifact is the best solution we have seen for combating the impacts of fake news.”


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