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Even if you're not affiliated with a news source or fact-checking agency, you can still help to end fake news! Here's how it works:

  • Contact us to sign up for an Identifact Civic Activist account. You'll be asked to pay a $50 registration fee.
  • Start rating! Once your account is active, you can start evaluating news sites and reporters for accuracy and honesty.
  • Make the cut! After you submit your first 20 ratings, Identifact analysts will check the thoroughness and credibility of your ratings. If you're accurate and thorough, we'll give you a positive credibility rating, and your reviews will be used to rate real news sources.
  • Keep on reviewing! We'll use feedback from our community of approved Civic Activists to rate news sources.

Top raters with the highest credibility assessments will receive a bio on the Identifact website and recognition for their ratings.

There is a $50 fee to set up a Civic Activist account. Registration fees are used for several purposes:

  • Administrative costs.
  • Analysis of test ratings.
  • To streamline our review process by informally vetting new members.


Take action today so we can work together to
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