Determining Results

Our scoring methodology

How We Determine the Credibility of URLs

Identifact classifies news sources according to the following credibility ratings:

Quality Reporting, Good Reporting, Caution, Fake News and Entertainment

We do this in two steps:

Step 1) Determining the credibility points each rater can give:

Type of Identifact User

  1. Fact-Checking Organizations approved by Poynter (hereafter Fact Checkers)
  2. Civic Activists
  3. Users of rbutr
  4. Reporters
  5. Fact-Checking Plugins
  6. News Organizations
  7. categories will have a credibility rating of 200. For a full explanation, please click HERE.

Can It Change

  • No

  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Yes

These credibility points will be cut by 50% for each direct disagreement between a Fact Checker and a contributor. Credibility ratings will increase by .01% for every direct agreement.

Step 2) Taking the credibility of the raters and the raters’ scores into account:

  • If 60% of them agree with the exact rating on a particular site, we use that rating.
  • If there is less than 60% agreement on the rating, we see if 80% of the raters are ± one category. If this occurs, we use the middle rating.
  • If the range of ratings is still too big to make a determination, we will ask a Fact Checker to make it. Their determination will then influence the credibility of the people with whom they agree and disagree with.


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