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Identifact can help your fact-checking organization, widget, or plug-in be more effective in stamping out fake news. We do this by pooling your work into our data warehouse. This information will contribute to Identifact's information on the believability of URLs, reporters, etc.

We are especially interested in having IFCN Code of Principles signatories join Identifact. Fact checkers with signatory status enjoy the greatest authority in Identifact’s credibility-rating process, and are also invited to serve on Identifact’s advisory board.

As an Identifact partner, you'll have:

  • Easy access to other fact-checking organizations’ information in the Identifact database

  • Greater leverage to stamp out fake news, as your analyses can be easily utilized by other fact-checking organizations on the web

  • A spot on our advisory board to help shape the methodologies used to determine reliability and credibility ratings of news outlets

  • The freedom to request information about the Identifact organization and mission

  • Full financial transparency with regard to the Identifact organization and its stockholders

  • The power to help shape our processes for continual improvement

Contact us to see how partnering with Identifact can make your research have greater impact! We are actively seeking technologies to securely link with our database. Together, we can stamp out fake news!

Our Fact Checkers

Learn more about how we use OpenSources here.

OpenSources is a curated resource for assessing online information sources, available for public use. Websites in this resource range from credible news sources to misleading and outright fake websites. Headed by Melissa Zimdars of Merrimack College, our research team is dedicated to preserving the integrity and enhancing the transparency of information on the internet.

Our mission is to empower people to find reliable information online.

Learn more about rbutr here.

The rbutr plug-in is not exactly a fact checking application, but it is an excellent addition to Identifact. Rbutr measures how much people disagree with something posted on the web, but not necessarily if the person who is disagreeing makes any sense. This is useful because any discussion about “What is fact?” or “What is the truth?” inevitably leads to the discussion, “Whose truth?” and “Facts change". For instance, it used to be a fact that the world was flat.” Rbutr solves this problem because it allows people to record their refutations of a particular thought without judging them.

Join Our Mission

We are actively looking for fact-checking organizations to join our team. We offer an advisory board seat and tools to help you solve our joint missions more effectively.

We are actively looking for internet widgets, fact checkers, and plug-ins that support fact-checking efforts to join our cause.


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