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Our ultimate goal is to give Information Providers (search engines, social media, and internet browsers) a tool to help their users understand whether the content they’ve accessed is reliable, possibly unreliable, or fake news. Our vision is for the Identifact rating shield to become a highly visible and trusted indicator for the reliability and accuracy of news organizations and reporters, just as the SSL certificate has become a trusted symbol of website security.

We understand that the recent proliferation of fake news is troubling for responsible journalistic organizations around the globe. If your news organization is looking for ways to combat misinformation, we’d love for you to join us in our mission to accurately, transparently, and reliably rate the credibility of every news organization and reporter on the web.

Restore public trust in the media. Join Identifact today.

When your news organization partners with Identifact, each reporter will receive an account to assess the credibility of news sites and reporters across the globe, and to build the credibility of your own organization. Identifact’s ratings process is mediated by professional fact-checkers, meaning that you credibility scores will be docked for any direct disagreements with fact-checkers, and will incrementally increase with each agreement. Through partnership with Identifact, your news agency will

  • Help stamp out fake news.
  • Help attract new followers and grow your own credibility as your readers know that you are an organization committed to identifying fake news.
  • Help supply us with funding so we can identify fake news on a worldwide level.


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