Our Rating System

Ratings from our Fact-Checking Organizations, Reporters, News Organizations, and Civic Activists will rank each news provider and reporter within
5 different categories:

Quality Reporting

  • Always quotes accurate and reliable sources
  • Rarely makes mistakes, but issues public retractions when errors arise
  • Does not twist words
  • Maintains journalistic ethics and integrity to best ability
  • Publishes stories that are unbiased and resist
    political leaning

Good Reporting

  • Relies on accurate and verifiable sources
  • Makes occasional mistakes that are neither deliberate nor politically motivated
  • Does not twist words or intent
  • Issues public retractions when errors arise
  • Publishes stories that are unbiased and resist
    political leaning

Caution - Do Your Own Research

  • Readers should do further research before trusting this news source
  • May quote toxic sources accidentally
  • Does not consistently issue retractions in response to errors
  • Misrepresents facts or data to support bias
  • Generally has a strong political bias and selectively publishes stories that reinforce a particular agenda

Fake News

  • Presents itself as a credible news source, but regularly publishes false or misleading information
  • Issues few, if any, retractions
  • Skews or fabricates sources to support particular perspective or message
  • Regularly presents false or misleading information as though it were real

Entertainment and Satire Only

  • Uses humor, exaggeration, or irony to critique news stories or public figures
  • May or may not explicitly identify as satire, but readers should take care not to treat content as fact
  • TheOnion.com® is a great example of this
  • Parodies news stories, generally for comedic effect


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