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Rbutr is a browser plug-in that helps users to link webpages that provide conflicting viewpoints on any subject or story, and to alert readers when a page that they are viewing has been refuted. Partnership with rbutr allows Identifact to quickly identify controversial news sources and flag them for additional analysis and scrutiny. Additionally, Identifact’s partnership with rbutr will allow for engagement of diverse viewpoints in identifying and assessing the quality of new
information sources.

In the fight against misinformation and fake news, no one approach will solve everything. Identifact's goal of bringing together multiple approaches into one unified solution is an important step forward to getting this huge problem under control. We're proud to have Rbutr playing a key role in their efforts. - Shane Greenup

Identifact uses Rbutr information to contribute to its assessment of facts in many key ways:

  1. To establish which sites and reporters people are constantly arguing with. The more people try to refute a site, the more likely the information the site pushes is erroneous.
  2. To create a crowd-sourced solution to determining what is fact. We do this by establishing the credibility of a user’s opinion and then allowing the credible users to vote for URLs that we haven’t had time to analyse yet. For instance, if 20 fact-checking organizations state that a page on a particular website is a lie, and a person quotes that page as a refutation of another page, we can devalue that person’s credibility and therefore opinions.
  3. It develops people’s critical thinking skills.
  4. It allows people who do not want to pay $50 to register with Identifact to have their voices heard.
  5. To help Identifact and people understand the interweaving of arguments of truth and fact.

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