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We understand that journalists want to be known for their integrity and honesty in reporting. Through partnership with Identifact, you will:

  • Help stamp out fake news. As fake news grows more and more outrageous, we are seeing its troubling effects on political discourse. Identifact gives you the tools to do something about it.
  • Help attract new followers. Identifact makes it easy for readers to assess the quality of journalism published by your organization.
Your readers demand credibility. Identifact helps you prove it.

When we're looking for a secure browsing experience, we rely on quick visual indicators - like a lock symbol or the "s" in an https:// website URL. Identifact works in much the same way. By providing simple yet effective visual indicators, we help readers effortlessly understand the trustworthiness of their news sources.

Identifact helps reporters to grow their credibility with tools that track corrections and retractions made to articles and stories. Identifact offers a variety of strategies to help registered reporters to proactively root out fake news, including:

  • Improving fact-checking capabilities for all Identifact users by expanding the breadth and thoroughness of credibility reporting.
  • Fostering an engaged community of truth advocates by giving news agencies the opportunity to rate the reliability of fellow reporters and reporting agencies.


Take action today so we can work together to
label the lies and stop fake news.

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